Hero's Tavern

Live Webinar

The Ultimate Guide for Embarking on the Hero's Journey

This 60 minute webinar will cover:

  • What is the Hero’s Journey

  • The history of the Hero’s Journey in ancient teachings, mythology, folklore, religion and more.

  • The difference between Hero’s Journey and Self Help.

  • How can it lead to a life of 

  • The 3 main stages of the hero’s journey

  • The 10 hero’s journey steps

  • Hero’s journey in Film (Star Wars, Avatar, Harry Potter etc)

The Hero's Tavern experience awakened a sense of adventure and restored vitality to my life. The journey was at once inward and outward. It summoned me to courageously embrace my full humanity while becoming ever mindful, present and still. 


Pittsburgh, USA

The Heros Tavern provided me with a safe, supportive, and challenging platform and environment to heal deeply and have a new visceral experience of my own vital life force. Coming home I feel curious and excited to live and create from this new place within myself and bring more of myself out into my community.


New York, USA